Anthony Della Sala, Owner

Anthony Della Sala has been a general contractor for more than 30 years. Over the years, Anthony has seen new ideas come and go and believes that high quality, energy efficient lighting is here to stay because it is both cost effective and environmentally sensible. Anthony founded All Bright Lights to bring the best LEDs and HIDs to the American market. His vision is to customize cost-effective LED lighting for hotels, motels, stores, warehouses, factories, municipalities, shopping centers, theme parks, airports, and stadiums with major lighting needs. By making lighting more efficient, All Bright Lights will prevent burning fossil fuels that lead to climate change and save millions of dollars by reducing energy and maintenance costs.


Anthony has partnered with a LED and HID technology expert and developer, Dr. Ning Chang Long, to offer the highest-quality, most efficient lights. The entire All Bright Lights team, strives to design, produce and install the most up-to-date and cost-effective lighting systems available.


Dr. Ning Chang Long, Developer

Dr. Ning Chang Long is the world's top scientist in HID (high intensity discharge) light sources. He has four HID patents, has published 11 papers and has received the "Outstanding Contribution Award," "Inventor Award," and "Outstanding Achievement Award," from both the General Electric Company and Philips Company. He worked for six years at Phillips, and nine years at General Electric.


Dr. Long has invested 500 million yuan (about $81 million U.S. dollars) in the development and production of HID products, including a ceramic metal halide lamp, an auto xenon lamp and a UHP lamp design, two of the world's first. He has a scientific team in an independent laboratory for analysis and monitoring of all products.


Dr. Long is proficient in three languages Chinese, German, and English. His educational credentials include: Dietrich Research Center; Max Planck Institute in Germany; Watt University (English and Postdoctoral Degree); and a Plasma Physics Doctorate from Ruhr University in Bochum Germany (research design and production of the HID light source, plasma physics, chemical reaction kinetics, and laser technology.)


Charlie Jiang, Consultant

Charlie Jiang started working as a consultant and engineer in the lighting industry in August, 2012. He currently focuses on LED and HID technology. His association with Dr. Long goes back 40 years. They are excited to be working together at this time to provide green products that will save the environment and save customers money.


For decades, Charlie has worked as a foreign investment consultant, designing, creating and building many Chinese companies that import and export goods. He has built nine overseas companies, including a Japanese company that produces, cultivates and exports black bean products. Charlie has consulted with the governments of South and North Korea to design and build a municipal wharf, a tuna cannery and currently a casino.


He served as a consultant to the South Korean Electric Power Company to design, produce and export an electromagnetic power switch for 20K plus watt transformers. Charlie has also worked in the produce business in Russia, South Korea and Japan, and in the machinery, electrical, and pharmaceutical export trading business. Charlie has recently been asked to begin work for a Korean company to build a factory to produce a hair product for worldwide distribution.



Jean Jiang, Communications Coordinator

Jean Jiang is from Shanghai, China and Charlie Jiang's daughter. She graduated from Carmel High School and Monterey Peninsula College. Jean speaks three languages: Chinese, Korean, and English.


At All Bright Lights, Jean communicates directly with overseas factories and their staffs to bring the highest quality LEDs and customized, specialty lights at the best possible prices to the American market.





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